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WRESTLING.IE - Home of the Fighting - Irish Wrestling | featuring the best of - American Wrestling | European Wrestling


Are ringside seats available?

Yes, a limited number of ringside tickets are available for all our events.
However, book early to avoid disappointment!


Are the events accessible for wheelchair users?

Yes, of course all our venues have access for wheelchair users
and our floor-plan leaves plenty of space for wheelchair users!


Are we allowed inside the ring?

No, our insurance team won't allow any non-wrestlers into the ring.
However our lucky raffle winners will be allowed inside the ring!


Are we allowed to take photos or videos?

Yes, of course, please take as many photos and videos
from our events as possible, and be sure to share them online!


Can you meet the Superstars?

Yes, a limited number of special V.I.P. Passes will be on sale at the events,
which will allow you to meet the Superstars after the event!


Do small children require a ticket? 

Possibly. Anyone who requires a seat, will require a ticket.
However normally children under one, don't require a seat or a ticket!


Have you any special travel deals?

Yes, we have a special deal with Travelodge, which offers discount for all fans.

Just mention the code WRESTLING.IE when booking!


How can we stay in touch?

Please submit your name, area, email address and phone number
to us at the bottom of our home page and we'll be in touch!


How do I book tickets?

Simply click on our tour dates page, select the event,
then purchase your tickets and we will send you an email confirmation!


How long does the event last?

Each event normally lasts around 1 hour and 45 mins to 2 hours.
Sometimes the action can spill slightly over 2 hours, but not often!


Is there any discounts for carers attending? 

Yes, of course! Any carers attending alongside a child
or a person with special needs we always admit free of charge!


Is there birthday packages available?

Yes, we offer birthday packages, which include V.I.P. Passes,
a special WRESTLNG.IE gift & card, we'll even bring you into
the ring and have the entire arena sing happy birthday to you!

We offer discounts for large parties, find our birthday deals on each events page!


Is there enough car parking facilities?

Yes, all the venues which we use have ample car parking facilities
or nearby parking facilities. Please visit the events page for details!


Is there family discounts available?

Yes, we offer deals for groups of four or more!
Please visit the events page for more details on our family discounts!


What age is the events for?

The events are suitable for all ages, especially children.
However all children attending, most be accompanied by at least one adult!


What kinds of special matches are there?

No two tours will ever be the same as every tour will have a different
main event from everything like a Giant Rumble to a Casket Match!


What Superstars will be appearing?

Wrestling Superstars vary from tour to tour. Please visit our
superstar page
to find out what stars will be appearing on our next tour!


When are you on-tour?

WRESTLING.IE is on-tour every Easter & Halloween.
The tour begins on the bank holday weekend and ends the following weekend! 


When will I receive my email confirmation?

After you purchase your tickets online, you will recieve your email confirmation after a few days.
Anyone purchasing online, on the day or evening of the event, won't receive an email confirmation.

However your receipt will be accepted as proof of purchase!


Where is the venue?

We have chosen very well known and established venues to host our events.
Please visit the events page for directions!


Will WWE Superstars be appearing?

WWE Superstars currently under contract will not be appearing.

However many of our stars on recent tours, such as Finn Bálor
have appeared for WRESTLING.IE - See the stars of tomorrow, today! 


Will tickets be available on-the-door?

Possibly, however we strongly advise everyone to pre-book to avoid disappointment.

As tickets are now in higher demand due to our new promotional strategy of producing less,
but bigger shows. Last year we sold 25,000 tickets and produced 100 shows, going fourth
we will produce two week long tours each year, with capacities of less than 5,000 per tour.


Will you be returning to small towns?

We've produced over 500 events in small towns throughout Ireland this past decade.

However after listening to fans, we've decided to chose key locations throughout Ireland, which
will allow for everyone within one hour of each key location to attend bigger and better events, every
Easter and Halloween. We also secured a deal with Travelodge to allow fans travelling a special discount!